A Dose Of NYC

Though the majority of my birthday was spent on and around airplanes, I did eventually arrive in from Iceland to NYC to drop by college buddy Ken and his girlfriend. They were kind enough to host me at their Manhattan abode, and once settled we went out to snag a few drinks and a good meal. My eyes were opened to the world of Brussels sprouts for the first time – I’ve been buying them ever since. I was pretty exhausted from my previous night of celebrations, so calling it early was plenty fine. Poor timing on my part with the brunch shot but he did well to hide it.
IMG_1248I arranged to have all of Sunday for walking around and soaking in the big city life. Though I had been to NYC way back during freshman year at Hope, this would be the first time as a sentient adult. With brunch complete, I strolled though Central Park before swinging in to the Met. I was disappointed to learn both that Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ was located at the MOMA, and also that all three of their copies of Hokusai’s famous woodblock print ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ were sitting in storage. Come on…at least give a Japan fan one of them. The Egyptian collection salvaged the visit – much better than the British Museum’s even. The Mark Rothkos hanging in the ‘modern’ wing were appreciated as well.
IMG_1256Although May insisted that I need not waste my time visiting Roosevelt Island, the fact that her family had called it home for many years piqued my curiosity. At the very least, I hope to relate a little more to their time in the States. This island sits just off to the east of Manhattan and is vastly different from the seething metropolis around the area. Many of the inhabitants are from foreign countries, or work for the United Nations. May was telling of how her dad and colleague Kofi Annan would often play tennis together. It’s possible to take a subway there, but I opted for the scenic cable car option.
IMG_1261The tour didn’t consist of much more than a walk down the length of the land stip, a stop into The Chapel of the Good Shepard located at the island’s navel, and some moments to admire the somewhat unique architecture. After only an hour of milking the time there, I was already heading back to snag my things and cab off to the airport. The visit was indeed short, but never meant to be anything more than a nightcap to the week in Iceland. A big thank you goes out to my accommodating hosts – I hope to impose again soon.


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