Thanksgiving Recap 2015

Another year, another T-giving with which to stuff our faces and enjoy each other’s company. Things kicked off by playing my part as chauffeur in my bro’s surprise visit from Miami. We avoided the traffic by leaving on the day of, and within a couple hours had rolled from Chicago to glorious Holland. We walked into the house and were met immediately by shrieks of joy and surprise – none directed towards me. There was only a little time before the Bussies clan would be arriving, so we celebrated my belated birthday and spent time appreciating the Lions in rare form. Families filtered in and soon we were eating all the food we only get to look forward to once a year: cranberry jello, sweet potato pie, and bit of bird of course.
IMG_0272One realization was that this was the first time in a long while that the entirety of the Bussies side was gathered together. The last time we had gotten a complete set, there were far fewer cousins around. Of course we needed to get a group shot.
12309479_10207870274663985_5244986641668731152_oThe long weekend only allowed for a few days of relaxation, but we made pretty good use of the time. A few of the men fit in a frigid round of golf where we had two pairs playing best ball. My lack of golf experience likely contributed team’s outcome, but scraping ice of the club head each swing still added a bit character to the outing. Dad would have likely classified it as a ‘memory’. We spent some time with the Bock side as well, which of course included dinner and dominoes with Grandpa. He likes to talk a big game, but the victory was all mine to revel in.
IMG_0295One highlight from the long weekend was a little Key Lime Pie Off where ol’ mum and I threw down. There had been debate in the months preceding as to who’s was better, and because our recipes varied significantly, it was decided that with the family gathered round it was time to know once and for all. As it turned out, she eked out a win by a 5-4 margin, though mine was deemed the clear winner in terms of presentation. Consensus held that her lime tang hitting the palate right away was ideal, though the way mine lingered was also worthy of a few votes. I’ll work to craft a KLP that has the perfect combination of both. Though I had to swallow some pride after all the trash talking, both were declared TDF, PLG, and certainly a nice COT. The idea was posed that this be a yearly competition in which the previous year’s winner decides the next contest, and with an expanded field as well. Rhubarb perhaps?


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recap 2015

  1. Hey Justin! It was great to see you at Thanksgiving. Loved your pictures — especially the pie one. Wish I could have been on the jury for that one.

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