Salsa Con Madre

If you’ve ever been around the Bussies homestead, you would be well aware of the immense quantity of salsa that we consume. After what I assume started off as a little kitchen experiment, the condiment soon became a snack and mealtime staple – polishing off entire jars on fajita/taco/chips n’ cheese deluxe dinner night was commonplace. We peaked at about 80 jars per annum, and its unending supply was absolutely taken for granted by all. Fast-forward a few years to my independent adulthood, and the lacuna left by my lack of salsa was felt deep.
IMG_0487On a recent visit home, mom and I hit up the Holland farmer’s market to procure our pepper hoard and then got to work on a batch. Beyond just the quality time together, I was looking forward to learning the ways of this time honored art. The boiling phase which permeated a pungent odor throughout all corners of the house would be familiar, but everything else was going be a learning process. The project started by blending all the tomatoes and peppers into a slurry which we collected into an enormous pot. All sorts of capsicum varieties were utilized to create a full bodied flavor profile, and then I added the heat to taste – mostly hungarians,  jalaps, and some habs. This salsa has always been meant to be ladled upon chips and meals, so while I appreciate a good burn, anything gimmicky hot misses the mark.
IMG_0490Our blending continued until the vessel was brimming with the pepper pulp; I had some fun with it.
IMG_0493All that remained was to add some cilantro and vinegar to the concoction and then let it simmer on the stove. During this time the greenish schlopp changed until it reaches its familiar shade of red. A little taste testing suggested that this was spicier than any other we’d batch made, but this being mine was perfect. Our effort yielded a dozen jars, which I’ll have to ration somehow until mid 2016.


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