Tiff Gets Hitched

So I know that most of the thoughts, events, and feelings I’ve captured in this space have been pretty well focused on me, and what I’ve deemed to be those antics and endeavors worth remembering. There have been just a few instances however where I’ve extended the glorious limelight and profound honor of recognition to my peers by making a little room for them as well. Grandpa Harvey’s 90th was one, and now my sister’s recent-ish wedding is another. The time taken to write and record these has all been part of an effort to preserve life’s most momentous occasions so that I can entertain nostalgia whenever the urge arises.  I do believe that a sibling’s wedding more than meets that criteria.

The wedding of course had nothing to do with me – I was but a mere usher – though it is one of the big moments in 2015. In the months leading up to the big day, I probably came up short in saying and doing all the things that a supportive sibling would generally be expected to do. Though I do partially claim ignorance, there’s likely a fault of character or two at play as well.  I had to navigate a minefield of social norms at my first ever rehearsal dinner, and of course the main event as well, but I’d say I was passable.  In the end these two made it, and soon enough uncles Judd and Poops will be on standby – he to babysit, and I to simply be the favorite.  Tiff, John, and the man.IMG_0834I don’t wear suits all that often, and this is as good as I’ve ever looked in one. It’s probably some sort of faux pas to highlight that fact myself, but what’s obvious is clear anyway. I sought out the first cerulean instrument around for a photo.


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