Job Change: Movin’ On Up

I was chairing a Toastmasters speech contest on a day that featured a guest speaker.  I must have made some positive impression on the woman because she approached me afterwards. A coworker of her’s was looking to fill a vacant spot on his team, and because the nature of the work was intriguing, I took her up on the offer to pass along a resume. Things moved quickly from there. I was contacted by someone at the company asking if I would be interested in sitting down to discuss the opportunity further. Oddly, we live just a few blocks from each other. Just a few days latter, we were sitting down over beers at the nearby Taphouse for an ‘informative interview’.  It was meant as an opportunity to learn more about the company and the role. I was captivated. Fast-forwarding two weeks, and I had myself an offer.

Moving to a new job of course meant leaving the old one, but I had been ready to make the jump as soon the right opportunity came alone. I was anxious to get myself plugged into a role that let me make use of my international experience and passion – a part of my resume that was specifically highlighted by the new company.  There were a number of other factors that taken into consideration as well.  Goodbye Buffalo Grove.
The new company is AAR Corp, and is based in Wood Dale, IL, though it has offices all over the world.  There are a number of business units, but at its core AAR is a broker for airline parts – when planes break, your Uniteds and Air Tahitis can either buy new or hit the aftermarket.  My focus is with Airbus A330/340 airframes.  The general task is to take what stock we have and offer it to the sales team in the most margin friendly way, or else source from the market myself whenever it makes sense.  I’ve got emails pouring in from all over the world, everyday.  The opportunity was a step up for me, as I am a Senior Product Line Rep. Here is my work space, which was recently renovated by our friends over at Herman Miller.
IMG_0049There are a number of perks that came along with the position, not the least of which was a new phone. Farewell fuchsia flip phone, hello 6s+.


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