Birthday Harvey

The extended Bock family gathered in West Michigan for a powwow to celebrate Grandpa Harvey’s 90th birthday.  Given the monumental accomplishment that such a number represents, I made sure to get myself back home from Chicago to be a part of the festivities.  This was his second party of the day, but Grandpa dug deep to come up with the energy needed to make it though.  After sharing a rationing a meager pizza with the family, we transitioned into ‘presents’.   Something I think anyone would struggle with is finding a gift for someone who has already celebrated this occasion 89 times, and has by his own definition already got everything.  The plan was pitched and executed to cull together the thoughts of all his friends and family in video form, and then stitch them together into one big montage.  It was received well.

Here is a picture of sister Tiffany, grandpa, and myself.  Parker?
IMG_0482After steeping in that 15 minute collection of thoughts and memories, Grandpa offered a response of his own.  You may need to crank the sound in order to hear it.
Beyond just that event, it was a family heavy weekend, but at least I was able to make the most of a trip home.  This new favorite came during my time home.


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