Tampa Time

The sales team recently had a bit of a pow wow down in Tampa (Clearwater, technically).  As a company we get together to talk strategy, new products, and overall direction each year, and while this generally takes place at either the Chicago headquarters or manufacturing facility in North Carolina, this time a year of great sales was rewarded.  While the mindset was that this was still work, I’m fairly certain that everyone was looking to it as an opportunity to relax just a bit.  If I can say anything about the company, it’s that they do know how to keep us employees happy and having a great time.  There were a lot of meetings and presentations, but I’ll just highlight the fun stuff we did besides that.  I had to rise earlier than I would on any true vacation, but doing so to this view was a marked improvement over an average day.
IMG_0062aAfter the first full day of meetings, we convened that evening over at the marina.  They had chartered a yacht so that we could motor around Tampa Bay for a couple hours while eating a fantastic dinner.  The purpose was of course to get to know our coworkers a bit better, but also celebrating the individual successes of the sales team.  One of the highlights of the outing came after the sky darkened and cracked with sprawling splits of lighting – a phenomenon common enough to merit naming a hockey team after it.
IMG_3939aThe next day we got hands-on with a number of our products.  For this we drove an hour south to Sarasota to stand out in the sweltering sun, and tempt death in the absurd combination of heat and humidity.  For many of us, we don’t get to see our products in action, so the crash course is always appreciated  I was definitely dressed with the wrong vein of clothing.

Our bus broke down on the way back to Tampa, though we were able to keep mostly on schedule by continuing presentations while stranded on the side of the road.  Our new bus did show up eventually to whisk us away.  That afternoon we had a team building activity scheduled that required us to form various materials into a shipshape vessel, and then race it against our peers.  About an an hour was scheduled for the build, and the crew below crafted the S.S. Zero-WHC (for Water-Holding Capacity, an industry term).  We were supposed to put together a chant, but failing to budget adequate time we settled for a mic drop.
IMG_4294aAs the chosen captain, I was perhaps a bit eccentric about a few of the construction points.  My team didn’t see my vision eye-to-eye, but in the end,things turned out well enough.  We had to clear out the pool from the photo above.  There were 6 teams, which allowed for two 1v1 elimination rounds, and then a three person championship regatta.  I hopped into the boat, and very nearly sank it straight away.  I redistributed my weight, tried out a couple of paddling methods, and in the end found something that worked.  The two races went pretty well.  Amusingly, the best boat built was the only to sink.

After that activity, we had one more competition that tasked us with catching water balloons launched from a slingshot.  Our boating prowess did nothing for us this time around. For the rest of the evening, we had a luau on the beach featuring the finest of food, fire-dancing, a few drinks, and later, some makeshift football.  The light was waning, but here was our Profile Products Photo.IMG_4346aI know that it may not look it, but we really did have a lot of productive meetings and other work-related events.  One of Profile’s pillars is that that they want to be a fun company to work for, and to that I’d say they are thus far doing a great job.


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