Wrigleyville Date Night: Batting, Brews, Band, & Burritos

For an impromptu evening out, I picked up a couple tickets to see Clean Bandit down in the city.  They have at least one song making the radio rounds, and the impending concert was certainly reason enough to study up on the rest of their catalog.  Fast forward 3 weeks or so.  May swings by mine to dine on my famous sandwich a la célibataire, which on this occasion sported muenster, seasoned pork chop, and jalapeno, all loaded between an everything bagel.  May was appropriately impressed.

We take off and cruise for an hour before getting down to the Wrigleyville area – it is always nice to be walking in the vicinity of such a Chicago landmark as Wrigley Stadium.  Our first stop was to Sluggers World Class Sports Bar.  May didn’t know why, but soon understood when I led her right to the top floor, which is complete with batting cages.  She had mentioned in passing a few days earlier that she wanted to give it a whirl sometime soon, so I figured this would be a good move.  The blur was artsy, and actually intentional.

10402460_10153099558156878_7229008512306122462_nAfter a little BP, we walked over to grab drinks at some burger bar.  On account of the aforementioned sandwiches, we needed only the beers.  I got an alright Allagash Tripel, and a fantastic wheat from some local brewery that featured hints of salt, coriander, and citrus.  Saying no to the Old style was just so hard…  We truncated our discussion on work and life, and transitioned over to The Metro for the show.


We skipped the opener and set change, instead walking in after Clean Bandit had just taken the stage.  They were halfway through ‘Dust Clears’ already, so we rushed up to get a good spot…way in the back.  We could hear and see well enough as it certainly wasn’t the largest of venues.  That first song, and rest of the show too was all fantastic.  The members of this band are classically trained and several of the songs feature cello, violin, and sax in addition to the synth, drums, and vocals.  They eventually left the stage and did the encore thing with their Grammy winning song ‘Rather Be’.  I’ve added the video for it below.  I not only like the song a lot, but can also attest to how well they captured everyday life in Japan.

Their set wrapped up in a succinct 60 minutes, and our being situated toward the rear eased the evacuation.  We made our way back to the car, fighting the temptation of fast food ice cream all the way, surprising winning out against the urge.  In navigating back to the freeway, we drove past The Burrito House.  We had seen the same location with Parker only a few days prior.  Both then and now the place was packed, despite the 11:00 hour; our curiosity had been effectively piqued, so we parked up and stopped in.  They ran a bare bones shift and were only able to take orders between making the food.  My steak fajita and her tongue taco took a good while to come out, but ¡Dios mío! was the wait worth it.  Never in my life had I had munched such a masterfully made Mexican meal.  It was so freshly cooked that my hands were burning just holding it, but it could not be put down.  What a nightcap to a glorious evening.


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