‘Fail’ Leaves

One of those good ol’ fashioned fall fun-time activities is raking leaves into a pile, with no purpose other than jumping into them.  This was indeed a chore as there were a great many fallen leaves, but rather than sighing an elegiac lament for my departed youth, I grabbed a rake in high spirits and made something of the opportunity.  As has been a theme for some of these more rudimentary examples of Americana that I’ve documented, May was involved, and this was her first time doing anything with 落ち葉.

It took us about 20 minutes to amass all of the yard’s leaves into one centralized location, and by the end I was beginning to break a little sweat.  I was really going for, with hands on the brink of blistering, and my brow nearing beaded perspiration.  May was beginning to lose sight of our purpose, but I assured her that it all be worth it in the end.  Here was the trophy of all our hard work, and I dare say that it was the largest pile of leaves I’ve ever raked.  Adults are better at everything.


May was struggling to appreciate the gravity of our accomplishment.  I guess that I already had a firm appreciation of what could be done with the pile, whereas she had no such childhood memories to reminisce back upon.  I explained what gaiety would come from running and jumping into the pile, and although she thought it a bit odd, dida greed to give it a whirl so long as I went first.  I backed away several paces, and made sure that she had the camera trained.  It was important to capture this moment, and May did a fantastic job with the timing.  On ‘Three!’ I tore off across the short yard and sprung from the base of the massif, soaring spread eagle high above the summit.  What bliss!


FWUMP!  Either I jump a lot higher in my adulthood, or I weigh a great deal more than the last time I did this, or quite possibly this particular species of leaf is far less cushioning than those I had jumped into before, but whatever the case, I felt as if I had just body slammed the earth (which indeed I had).  For the next moment I just lay there in the dark leafy mass a moment to evaluate my well-being.  FWUMP…”OW!”  May followed my lead, but quickly realized that it was not quite as fantastic as I had made it out to be.

S__2801958 S__28019574

In the end, I was very pleased with the use of time, and though May came nowhere close to admitting such herself, I can only imagine that she agreed with me.  Later that day, one of the guys who takes care of the property said that some neighbor kids came over and spent at least an hour playing in the pile, and told of what a local hero I had become.  I explained that it was done entirely for mine and May’s devices, but if someone else could actually get something positive from our efforts, then all the better.  There wont be many fall days this nice left in the year, but we’ve been doing well to make the most of the season.


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