Birthday Bulls

On account of my impending birthday, significant other May likely felt some obligation to present me with a gift.  I hadn’t really given her any ideas, but she managed to come up with the fantastic plan of taking me to a Bulls game.  She came over Sunday and surprised me with cinnamon rolls from scratch (made with actual yeast!) and tickets for that evening’s event, drastically altering whatever plans I had in mind.  Her thought behind the gift was that it would be a great opportunity to up my Chicago cred by getting me initiated to the happenings of the city.  After a 45 minute drive we parked up along the street a few blocks away.  I can’t believe people actually pay $25 when gratis options are so close.  These cinnamon rolls do look a little odd, but they were gooey throughout, and made for a glorious breakfast.


We entered the doors on the complete opposite side of where our seats were, but after circumnavigating the court settled into our lofty, section 305 perch.  I was excited about this whole experience, partially because I was now doing something great that until recently represented no part of my agenda, because I was there with someone special at her first NBA game, and then finally, in the spirit of the gift, I was indeed getting to do something 超シカゴ.


As a pregame event I was impressed with the draw and excitement levels.  After a little bit of APP’s ‘Eye In The Sky’, things got going. The Bulls were up against the Charlotte Hornets – yes, they are the Hornets again – and the crowd was into it.  It rekindled memories of the Charlotte bed comforter I had in my youth.  The Luvabulls were impressive as well…  The teams traded leads early, but by the end of the 1st the Bulls were up, and stayed that way for the rest of the game.  The Hornets did bring it within two right at the end to keep it exciting, but it was nice to walk away winners.  Also, because they hit 100 points and won, we got coupons for a free Big Mac, making us feel like winners too.  Getting out of there was no problem since we weren’t parked in the traffic fray, so we scooted home and got ready for another week of reality.  ありがとう芽依!!


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