Work Outing: Chicago Architectural Tour

Every summer my company gathers together for some sort of group outing to take part in a Chicago based offering.  They’ve done rooftop Cubs games before, afternoons at the Arlington Racetrack, and now also the Wendella Boat Architectural Tour.  It was hard to really think of the Friday as a work day, because by 10am we were all piling onto a bus to get out of there.  They had filled a couple grocery bags with chips, sweedish fish, and other goodies that we got nowhere near finishing.

Traffic was bit slow, but we arrived just in time for our reservation at a fairly nice restaurant.  It wasn’t wielding the weight of a Michelin Star or anything, but it offered a nicer atmosphere and was very appropriate for a business lunch.  We had a shortened menu to chose from, but I was still very happy to come away with some Lake Superior Whitefish.  The meat was sitting on a bed of potatoes and spicy peppers, and it was altogether delicious.

Once we finished up, it was back onto the bus and over to the Wendella Boats dock, located on the Chicago River just off of Michigan Avenue.  The rain was coming down while we ate, but did let up to provide a gray sky and brisk temperature.  We could at least enjoy the upper deck and get the most out of our surroundings.

It was clear that there were plenty of tourists on the boat, but for good reason.  The guide sitting at the front had an incredible number of things to say about most every building – when it was built, the architectural significance, its name and purpose, and generally some other unique tidbit.  He also delved into all sorts of trivia relating to the city’s origins and monuments.  We went up then down the Chicago River and through the gates to get out to Lake Michigan for the skyline view.  There was a whole lot to take in on this tour, but all was certainly worthwhile.  Paying nothing out of pocket for the outing certainly helped.  I’m glad to work for a company that does this sort of thing from time to time.


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