Cubs Weekend With The Fam

Recently the family minus sister Tiffany was able to come visit my new digs in Chicago.  My parents had helped me move in, but for my brother it was a first time visit to the estate.  The last couple of months were spent getting my bachelor pad up to snuff.  Some posters, speakers, and plenty of lava lamps have pretty much ensured that it’s looking right.

Once they arrived, we head over to Schaumburg, where they had booked a hotel for the night.  Food was first on the agenda, and for that we went to The Beer Market, which has over 500 varieties.  We ordered some burritos to go with the drinks, which rather inconveniently meant walking on over to the restaurant next door for take out.  From there we did a little shopping, checked the family into their Schaumburg hotel and then got in a quick lifting session.  Parker and I were throwing up some pretty intense reps.  I dragged them back to Palatine before bed to snag some curds at my favorite German brauhaus.

The next morning they picked me up at my place, and then together we made the drive downtown to our hotel.  We wanted to do something a little bit special, so we stayed in the slightly swanky Sax Hotel, ideally situated right downtown and adjacent to the House of Blues.  We amused ourselves with the posh bar decor.  Here be a dapper man of the world.


We made our way down the Magnificent Mile, but ignored most of the shops.  Eventually we hopped onto bus # 151 that would be taking us north.  While it would have taken us all the way to Wrigleyville, I had the crew hop off at the Wiener’s Circle for lunch.  This place offers delicious brats and burgers, and rather abrasive customer service.  I was hoping to blindside my parents with this avant garde form of service, but our conservative appearance and the time of day probably had them take it easy on us.   For a better and more entertaining example, have a gander at this.  (Moderate Language)

From there we had a half hour walk down to Wrigleyville, where we arrived at exactly the time I had tasked myself with.  Unfortunately my fantastic planning and time management was three hours earlier than we needed to be there.  We rallied quickly and set ourselves up at an open air bar filled with TVs where we were able to nurse a couple drinks throughout the Germany Ghana World Cup match.  This was an entertaining game, and with the outcome relevant to America’s hope for an elimination round bid, the bar crowd was really getting into it.  While walking around Parker and I were identified by a PACSUN employee as ‘cool’ and invited to be a part of some extravagant marketing campaign.  I’ve never shopped their clothes before, but the two of us had the ‘look’ and after completing some hashtagging and social media tasks were given free rooftop tickets.  To their chagrin, we insisted the parents be able to join us as well.

IMG_3375An hour before the start of the game we were granted access to our private party, along with the open bar and taco buffet privileges that came with it.  Food and drink are not so cheap at Wrigley, so I’m sure my dad was pleased to be off the hook for our veracious appetites.  45 minutes before game time, a small army of people ran out to cover the field on account of impending rain.  There had been no sign of it prior to that, but Doppler didn’t disappoint.  The rain pounded down on all those plebs stuck outside, while we sat up in our towers and feasted.
IMG_3377We couldn’t come all this way only to see the stadium from the outside, so around the 4th inning we walked across the street to test out the seats we had already paid for.  This was good, though we left sometime around the 7th.  These were the Cubs of course, so there was no victory in sight.  We paused on the way out to snag a group photo, and then took the L back to our River North room.

10488206_894515451815_7026071127924079042_nThe next morning we did a bit more strolling down the Mag Mile, popped into Banana Republic, and were drawn by the nose into Garret’s.  They produce the world’s finest flavored popping corn and no trip to Chicago would be complete without it.  While waiting in line, there was a little photo booth that we had some fun with.  Om nom nom.
10489967_894515087545_657175194051437217_nWe spent some time walking the length of Navy Pier, but were all a bit underwhelmed by its offerings.  Eventually I was dropped off at the train station and we each went our own ways.  T’was a good weekend and definitely an opportunity to experience some more of my new Chicago locale.



One thought on “Cubs Weekend With The Fam

  1. So…. I may have just had everyone in the office gather around my desk to have a look at this video. Thank you for making this morning a great one 🙂 And all the girls in my office want to know if you are single… they liked your moves 😀

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