A ‘Shawesome’ Reunion In Lincoln Park

Despite my moving to a new city, it would be wrong to suggest that I don’t know anybody here.  They do however live in the bustling city center, rather far away from my humble life in the burbs.  Since moving back to The States, I’m making an effort to track down some of those contacts whose lives I’ve been unablest to grace with my presence.  The lucky winner of that prize was my Centurian little brother Nate, and we had not seen each other in some years.  We exchanged the odd email, but basically this was going to be our first contact in a good while.

The plan was for me to drive down to Lincoln Park, cadge some parking from the zoo, and then meet to plan dinner and the rest of the evening.  This is a young person’s paradise, which means that there are all sorts of ethnic food offerings and places to enjoy a stiff drink.  After some fruitless discussion, we opted to stroll down the street to see what caught our eye and catered to our stomach.

We didn’t get too far down before Japanese presented itself as the best option.  Nate never had this type of food, and this meal would also be my first since leaving that glorious chain of islands.  We actually walked past a couple options, but decided on a place that was running an ‘Anime Festival’.  I don’t think that any self respecting restaurant would actually do this in Japan, but, it was amusing.  The ‘festival’ was reflected in price and in their cat ears and school girl uniforms.


I tried placing some of the order in Japanese, but her complete lack of understanding suggested she may not have been authentic…  For Nate I prescribed a tonkatsu set, and myself a nigiri sushi platter.  We split some sake and gyoza to complete the meal.  It will never be as good as the real thing, but we were both really satisfied.
IMG_20140308_192751The next stop was at a fine place called Cheesies, where the two of us would be meeting another college companion.  COB was already there with a friend, so we sat on down to have a couple beers and chat.  They had a Root Beer Beer on tap that was quite strong, but the flavor completely masked any hint that it might be alcoholic.  The establishment’s eponymous dishes are various grilled cheese sandwiches.  The Tenderizer is supposedly the best, but I ‘failed’ by ordering the hot and spicy Popper.  That place was packed all night, but this stock photo doesn’t show that.

154518_359226337456647_1101283025_nAfter we made it back to his, I was consumed by sleep.  Waking late the next day, we quickly agreed that a proper breakfast was just what we needed.  There was a diner type place a short walk from his place, but   This too was excellent, and then after the conversation shared between our face stuffing sessions, we parted ways.  One thing that I do enjoy about being back in the states again are the many opportunities to catch up with friends.




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