Bachelor Cooking: Mass Chicken Marinade

So back under my own roof, I’m again tasked with not only bringing home the bacon, but cooking it too.  I set the culinary bar pretty low while in Japan, and frankly did a poor job of developing my kitchen repertoire.  Now living somewhere that’s actually got an oven and – thank the heavens – dishwasher, I can put a little bit more effort into it.

I think we can all agree that the worst part of cooking is the preparation necessary to get something edible on the table.  It was suggested to me that I mass produce a bunch of meals and then just store them in the freezer for later consumption.  What wisdom!  I went to the store to get meat and marinade, but found myself unable to commit to a flavor.  The simple solution was of course to buy them all.IMG_20140320_190714For the next hour, I was mauling an unsavory amount of chicken and tossing the cubes into the bags.  To fill out the meal a bit, I diced some green peppers, red onion, orange carrots, white cauliflower plus yellow lemons and green jalapeno where appropriate.  Please do admire the plentiful bounty rewarding my hard work.

IMG_20140321_205425The convenience of having a respectable meal that I can have ready after a defrost and sizzle session is glorious, but the cost savings are hard to overlook as well.  I can eat like a king for only $2.50. I think that my favorite flavor thus far has been the Sesame Ginger, though I have high hopes for the てりやき.   Served complete with rice and chopsticks.


One thought on “Bachelor Cooking: Mass Chicken Marinade

  1. Another idea for chicken, cook a fair amount in the crockpot. Start it when you leave for work and you can shred it with a fork when you get home. Freeze what you don’t use, and you are all set for next time. Any chicken dish is at your ready. Your meals look great!

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