A Career Launched

This company that I’ve started working for in northern Chicagoland is off the radar of most, but Profile Products actually sits atop of the erosion control and porous ceramic industries.  What excitement that might lack in title is more than made up for in application.  To tout a smattering of our flagship projects may prove an aide: all ski slopes at the Sochi Olympics, heavy involvement in the Trump International Golf Links in Scotland, and tons of ongoing work with the Panama Canal.  As for the calcine clay particles, they are used in professional athletic pitches across the world: MLB infields, NFL, MLS, and some of the finest golf courses that one can play.  Our product catalog continues, but these constitute the company’s bread and butter.

The ‘situation room’ (said no one, ever.)  I’m still personalizing it.


As for the role, I’m a part of the newly formed inside sales crew, although my technical title is  ‘Sales and Marketing Development Associate’.  Once everything is in full swing, I’ll be doing some combination of account management, sales support, and lead generation.  Its a lean operation, so no employee is limited to wearing a single hat.  They’ve already made a real investment in me, and that’s making it exciting to be on board.  They are definitely a growing company filled with great people, and are involved in over 100 countries.  I’ll just have to see where it all takes me.


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