The Palentine Apartment

On the day of the big move, I hopped into my newish car and let my parents lead the way.  They had the U Haul hitched to their back, giving them pace car privileges.  It took a little while longer than usual, but what I sacrificed in time was earned back in fuel economy.  I must have been at a perfect equilibrium.


For that first night, we stayed with some distant family that live in the northern suburbs, not so far from where I live.  My mom’s cousin Cathy and her husband Scott were our hosts.  The evening’s events were simply eating pizza, watching the Olympics, and catching up.  I’ve had little interaction with this branch of the family, but I’m sure that there will be some opportunities going forward to share meals and evenings.

The next morning, the move in process began.  I didn’t really have that much stuff so it didn’t take too long.  The second half of the day involved lunch, and then driving around for entirely too long to find the right desk.  Skipping ahead a bit, this place has now been for three weeks my home.  I took a pass though it to film a short tour.

My parents dropped me downtown on their way home so that I could meet a number of friends out for the evening.  It was good seeing these people, but also threw me right into the mix of the Chicago nightlife.  The only thing that I had to manage was making the last Metra train home, which I did.  As if a reward for my efforts, there were some acapella songs that accompanied much of the ride.

Life as a Chicagoan has been good thus far.  Come, visit anytime.


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