Goodbye, Mitten (Again)

After landing the job in Chicago, I had only three weeks to plant myself over there.  I hadn’t really yet taken root in West Michigan following Japan, but time was stretched thin by  training before the departure date, and also the burden of getting all my ducks in a row.  I had to find my own set of wheels, buy some big boy clothes, and of course locate some place to live.  Once all those things were sorted, I had to get it over there.

The car was the first step towards completing my transition into adulthood.  With my limited amount of time, and honestly, a lack of interest in doing any in-depth research, I assigned the grunt work to my cousin.  He works at a dealership and came across something reliable within my price range, a Camry Hybrid.  The fuel economy, sterling maintenance record, and high end speaker system were all icing on the cake.  I was pleased indeed.


Prior to packing my room into boxes and loading them into the U Haul, I wanted to enjoy it looking spotless one last time.  Now, I realize that I’m a grown, 26 year old man and that the idea of moving out should illicit nothing but raucous celebration.  And of course I was excited about my new life in the big city, but this really felt like the end of an era.  I always took pride in my little chunk of basement real estate and the idea of boxing it up, knowing it would never again be quite the same when I returned home next was confirmed that realization.  There was never a sense of permanence when I went to Japan, and it sat awaiting my return (albeit as a time capsule of sorts, as pictures of girlfriends two or three back still adorned the walls).

I made sure to capture the memory.  This was my bed/futon combo.  I was always unwilling to climb up on top of that thing, so I sacrificed comfort for convenience and slept below.


This was the other side and shows my prized Steelcase desk and Pioneer speakers –  both from grandpas – and some of my music collection.  I do still buy my CDs, but I may never again have such an ideal place to display them.  One can likely surmise the almost inexplicable passion I once possessed for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, based on my decor.


When the offspring finally leave the burrow, I think its fair to consider it a big deal.  I’m surprised that Facebook doesn’t consider it a ‘life event’.

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