My New Chapter: A Job In Chicago!

After the holidays, my one and only goal was to get employed.  Locking down an income, and bridging the employment gap had to happen following my time on JET.  I knew that it would take the correct way of selling my education and experiences.  Hope College is fantastic at a lot of things, but qualifying me to fill a ‘Supply Chain Analyst’ or some other such specified role isn’t one of them.  I was able to supplement that paper degree with some internships and a number of unique experiences internationally, which I knew would have to be emphasized at an interview.  It talked with a lot of people before learning how best to sell all that to a potential employer.

As I learned to make my not so standard resume relevant, I was also researching a number of local companies.  Members of my family kept their ears to the ground, while I sought out opportunities to chat with people smarter than myself.  In the end though, it was through a connection I developed and nurtured though one of my internships that I was able to land an excellent opportunity at Profile Products.  I realize that most people are scratching their heads at that name, but I’ll talk a bit about what awesome stuff they do later.  Living away form home means that I’ll be missing out on Tuesday night dominoes.


One of the things I was most excited about was that the position required me to move over to Chicago.  At first I thought it would be nice being home to spend time with my long lost family and friends.  What I quickly came to realize though was that the vast majority of my friends had moved away, and that checking the ‘family box’ didn’t take too much time.  By all means, being home for that 2.5 months was great, thanks largely to all the powers and privileges that came with it, but leeching off my parent’s social life was an unsustainable existence.  Besides the gratis room, board and laundry that I would be missing out on, I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the Wednesday lunches at Big Apple.

IMG_20140212_122700-SMILEIt isn’t really possible to go somewhere new without saying goodbye to a few things too.  That was very true in the case of Japan, though the growth payoff should more than justify it.  I don’t expect that Chicago will be as interesting day-to-day as is life outside the American bubble, but I’m already excited to discover all that it has to offer.  My proximity to the airport, and opportunity to take weekend trips to some of the surrounding states give me much to look forward to.


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