A Glorious Michigan Winter

My winters spent in Japan were largely devoid of snow.  The air would get cold, but my area lacked precipitation.  I was able to venture north to Winter Olympic host cities Nagano and Hokkaido to see something proper, but for the most part these months gave the sense of an extended autumn.  Coming home to Michigan, one of those things I was most looking forward to was a White Christmas, and a real winter.  And what a winter we got…


Snowy weather slammed us, dumping twice the seasonal average.  Thanks to some Polar Vortex and the ridiculously low temperatures that it brought, all this accumulation never melted away either.  So far this has been more of a winter most have ever had to contend with.  The snow piles made shoveling and driving a real chore, and tracking the near record levels of Great Lakes ice cover has been fun.  I know that it has all been ‘getting my mother down’, but I’m still enjoying it.  That excitement has waned at times, like when my services were demanded to clear the driveway, or to dig out my grandpa’s car, but such comes with the territory.  The snow piles shown here have since grown much larger.

IMG_20140125_105700I’m always excited to pursue some sort of record – most snow, coldest cold, percentage ice cover, etc. – but one of the other aspects of a ‘good winter’ are of course the landscapes that come from it.  If a pristine white, snow compliments any scene.  There is probably another good month of this weather ahead, which is fine, but I’m sure that I’ll have a certain appreciate for spring once it finally rolls around.


2 thoughts on “A Glorious Michigan Winter

  1. It’s quite cold here now, but when it is actually cold enough to snow, precipitation is no where to be found. I live near Osaka now, so snow is far and few between, but it’s just a day trip to Nagano, Hida, etc! I’m from the East coast, although I’ve never been to Michigan. The photos are beautiful.

    1. Yeah, it was the same when I lived in Takamatsu. It would get cold, but snow only rarely fell from the sky. If its going to bet winter, than I’d much prefer that it just really come down.

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