Transition Time

This blog began in Japan, and despite visiting a great number of other countries I always returned to that home base.  Now though, for the first time in five years, I’ve got no further plans to go back there and need to make the transition into ‘real’ life.  One realization throughout this blog is that I quite enjoy the craft of documentation, and the ability to revisit those experiences and memories of yore.

I don’t want to stop writing, nor is there any appeal to starting fresh with a new and perhaps more relevant blog.  I’ll adjust the name to better represent my new locale, and admit that my subject matter is going to be a bit different as well.  There will certainly be less of an exotic/international flair to what I write, but it will never stop completely.  I’ve not lost the spirit of adventure, just some of the opportunity to embrace it.  This whole thing started as a means to keep my extended family aware of my life without me having the make the individual effort, which will still continue.

There have always been labels along the right margin, but I’ve done some work to update and give them meaning and consistency.  I will continue tinkering with them, but unearthing older posts should be a lot easier now than it was before.


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