Lastly, Lima

We woke up for the last morning of our trip to make a domestic flight over to Lima.  The three of us were ready to just go home, but that flight wouldn’t be coming until about midnight.  This gave us plenty of time to see what little there is in Lima.  Once we deplaned, there was a small army of taxi drivers trying to coax us into their ripoff mobiles.  We were better than that though, and instead took the unadvertised local means.  The taxi touts followed us, trying over and over to say how dangerous/bad/impossible the local vans were, but we managed just fine.  Here was dad, cooking above the engine for the duration of our rally ride.

IMG_20131222_121637Lima doesn’t really have a whole lot of touristic ‘musts’ and we were more than able to ‘do it’ in a day.  Anyone who has spent some significant amount of time there would surely be able to tell me all about what I was missing.  Meh.  The first thing that we needed to take care of was food, and I was so sick of chicken and rice.  Not really wanting to return to my bread and cheese diet either, I talked the other two into some Middle Eastern cuisine.  Shwarmas all around, and plenty of hummus as well.  I could happily live in that part of the world, the food and culture both excite me.



While we ate, we perused a map showing the different tourist stops.  The church, a park, the beach, aaaannnnnnd basically nothing else.  We had a lot of time with which to tick these boxes, so we went down to the beach to appreciate the southern Pacific Ocean.  We did a bit of people watching, and also traced the water’s edge.  There were quite a number of surfers trying to have fun on the tranquil waters.  The setting was pretty cool though, as the shoreline sat well below the rest of the city.  The stony beach helped me to appreciate the fine sand of those that we have in Michigan.



We climbed back up to city level to walk through a park.  There was a small art market and some old church to see, but basically we had plenty enough time on our hands, and lacked the ambition to do anything more with it.  There was just one last thing on the Peruvian McDonald’s menu, so we decided to sit down and talk about our options.  The exotic fruit sundae was the perfect treat.  We had about four hours on our hands, so I tossed out the idea of catching a film.  We all nodded in agreement at the second installment of The Hobbit, and the theater freakishly sitting right next to McDonalds guaranteed it.


Film was good enough, and took a lot of time of our clock.  Once it was done, we went direct to the airport by another local van.  Parker grabbed all his bags from left luggage, and a couple hours later we were off.  Dad had his own flights, but the two brothers transited together in Houston.  There we had a cool seven hour layover, where we jacked free WiFi from outside the Delta lounge and ate Wendy’s for this first time in years.  This took a whole lot longer than we had the patience for, but at long last we arrived home to a wintery Grand Rapids.  There were a few people waiting to meet us.  It was over, at last. 



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