Another Day In La Paz

Parker arrived in the evening and was exactly as interesting as someone who does homework while traveling.  He crashed and then early the next morning ol’ pa showed up.  We feasted on some more bread and jam, freshened up, and made plans to stay the day in the capitol.

One of our first stops was to a little local restaurant where we got the standard cuisine of chicken and rice with soup as a starter.  It was dirt cheap, and a nice way start to the day.

I served as the tour guide, basically regurgitating the information I got from my walking tour the week before.  We had some fruit juice, stopped by the church, and paused to take in some live music at the square.  The rest of the day involved shopping and sorting out some upcoming activities.

Dinner that evening was at another little local place and was pretty much just the same thing as before – rice, meat and soup.  Parker passed out early again while I did beers and chat with dad.  It was a good evening, but we needed to wake early so it wasn’t a late one.  The night’s new brews.

I’m not exactly sure why I felt the need to write this update, other than to better complete the story.  I realize that this wasn’t very exciting for the reader.


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