Mucho Bus

From El Chalten Neil and I booked a 20 hour bus to Bariloche.  Of course, spending that much time on sitting down wasn’t what we were clamoring for, but having flown down already, we had to be niggardly with matters of the coffer..  Thinking positively, we took it it as an opportunity to see some more of the landscape.

We soon came to realize that every bit of it was as uninteresting as the next.  We watched a movie, ate some awful food, slept and arose to see the same stupid nothingness.  Small shrubs, undulating terrain, and the rare animal.  You can imagine our joy when the magician driver managed to add 8 more hours of sightseeing to our itinerary.  This, times infinity.

We arrived at our destination and then asked when the next bus north was. “Hoy o Domingo” (It was Lunes…). So we booked the one leaving in a couple hours, stocked up on our rations and waited.  And soon, it was time once again to be on our merry way. 

It took another 17 hours before we were finally done with buses.  Incredibly, across 1500 kilometers, nothing outside of the cities changed at all.  So many shrubs.  This was from one of the random towns that existed to combat the unrelenting tedium of Patagonia.


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