Buenos Aires Dos

When I returned there was only Parker’s host dad home, but he was happy to let me in and hear about my little adventure.  We didn’t talk too long though, for the urge to shower and even nap a bit was overwhelming.  Parker was playing some really boring round of football all day, so I planned to meet with my Iguazu friends at a coffee shop.

I knew nothing about where they wanted to go, but this Cafe Tortini is apparently really famous.  There was a line out the door and all sorts of people taking photos against the bland exterior.  Aside from being old, and a little bit snooty inside, I was failing to understand why coming here was so much a ‘thing’.  We has troubles finding each other, and then after another half hour of queuing we were seated.  I got a minute café and the girls some dessert.  We had ourselves a rousing chat for nearly two hours before I returned back to catch Parker.

He supposed had homework to do, so I joined him at a McDonalds and was largely successful at distracting him.  I used the opportunity to write some incredible poetry and also try the Double Hamberguesa Con Huevo, which was pretty good.  Here was that burger y composition.

Cow o vaca la removed
masticating daily chew chew chew
leche por todo
guzzling, chugging en mi throato
roaming, boca foaming
loco cow the grass it is mowing
into its cara a bullet goes, dead
el rio del sangre is bled
carne is cut and then to me fed
a grande ostomogo yo is off to bed

The evening plans were to go out to one of the infamous BA clubs.  It was one of those things we wanted to check out, and also that evening we had the pleasure of Neil’s company as well.  I was able to travel with him before and also shown him around Japan, so I knew he was the right guy to invite along to South America.  I met with him at Hostel Sol and together we caught up with Parker to get ready and go.

Clubs don’t really get going until 2am here, so there was no great rush.  It took Parker a while to find where we were going, and he a tried taking us to a gay club.  He soon questioned the merits of that though and got us to where we actually wanted to go.  The club was really big, and full of people.

Since Neil and I weren’t really capable of talking to anyone, after a while we made a break for the McDonald’s just outside.  We got some big ol’ burgers and chatted with some guys who sat near us.  One of them was convinced I looked like Thor, so every time a girl walked by, he would ask if she wanted to take a picture with ‘Thor’.  No one did…

When we finally got back in there, Parker was nowhere to be seen.  We made a few passes, but in the end took a cab home without him.  He had been looking for us too.  Oh well.

The next day we met up to go to a polo match.  Not one of us had ever been before, so this was surely going to be filled with new experiences.  We got the center seats and sat down, not exactly sure what to expect.  Things started just about as soon as we got situated.

As I knew nothing of this sport other than that it involved horses, every observation was a learning experience.  Teams were four men each and the purpose was to smack a ball through two posts.  Right away I was impressed with the precision they had when wielding the mallets.

The most interesting moments included a wipe out where the horse went down, landing on his jockey.  Obviously this can cause a serious injury, but I had to laugh at the equestrian ambulance that motored to the scene.  The one other thing that stopped the game a couple times was the horse stepping on the ball, smashing it into the turf.  There was a French guy there who said that this was fairly boring Thanks to the low score, but we had no frame of reference and were plenty satisfied.  I can certainly say I’ll by wearing my polos with an added aire of smug.

Neil and I had time to burn the next day so we rented some free bikes and tore around the city.  We had to jump through a few annoying photocopying hoops to make it happen, but it was sorta worth it.  Neil approves.

There wasn’t honestly a whole lot that I felt like I needed to see, but we went over to La Boca, an area of town that I shall kindly describe as rustic where the working class people live.  We met some people later in the trip that were held there at gunpoint.  We also tried going to a biological reserve, but settled for big manly sandwiches overlooking a swamp.

Having far too much daylight left on our hands, we decided to watch a relatively bad movie starting Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.  Escape Impossible was two hours of fairly unconvincing plot development before we reemerged to the day and went home. 

To finish off the first night, Neil and I stopped by the supermarket to get some big steaks to fry up.  Neil dominated that, while I focused on the veggies.  The meal was a fantastic success.  For our last dining experience in the capitol, Neil, Parker and I went to a little place.  We had to pull Parker away from what would have been him wasting more time in McDonald’s, but the promise of the free meal that I bestowed upon him made it worthwhile.  We ordered an enormous amount of food.

We had a 5am flight the next day, so a short night of sleep and squinty scamper to the airport closed out a good experience in Buenos Aires, filled with food, fun, and fraternity.


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