Uruguay Bro Weekend

With Uruguay being so close to Buenos Aires, it would be a shame to neglect going there.  Parker and I booked an overpriced ferry and set out across the Rio de la Plata to arrive in Colonia.  This UNESCO town is a small colonial port with a nice little old town.  We got off the boat, failed to rent a triciclo, and then went for a walk around it before our bus to the capitol departed.  We first stopped along the undeveloped oceanfront to enjoy the view of the sea and also an army of leafcutter ants doing their thing.

Right nearby were the remains of a fort, some little houses and a lighthouse to take in and enjoy.  We did go up the tower to get a better vantage point, but with only a few minutes before our bus, we had to book it over to the station afterward.  Not very panoramic, but the view on the left is as good as anything you’ll see today.

Our bus hauled us two hours along the southern coast to the city of Montevideo where we got ourselves to a hostel.  Straight away I was noticing just how uncheap this country was, but we found ways to cope.  They have a certain cholesterol bomb sandwich that I was excited about, but when its massive 15-25 dollar price tag vastly outsized the meal, I lost interest.  Street art is always free, of course.

Once we were settled, we scouted out the town a bit.  It was absolutely dead.  This was a Saturday, and yet everything was closed and people were mostly off the street.  We were both a bit surprised given that this was easily the largest city in the county.  The only real photogenic stop within walking distance was Independence Plaza, with an equestrian statue and the unique architecture of some building.

We returned back to the hostel, hungry and determined to spend as little as possible to satiate ourselves.  With the supermarket coordinates in hand, we set out to procure that evenings rations.  We divided the cooking responsibilities between the two of us: Parker was to make Megga Polenta, and I a titan sized pot of pasta.  We had some fun cooking this feast.

We had far more food than either of us could have ever hoped to finish, so we just pounded it until the idea of saving the leftovers for later consumption induced disgust.  Parker’s dish had an overly eggy flavor but was palatable, and mine tasted a bit like SpaghettiOs.

We did make one more outing before bed, back to the supermarket, where we deliberated endlessly on which sort of nice cream to get.  We decided to split some chocolaty one, which was a nice choice.  I assumed the responsibility of portion control.

The next morning was Sunday, so we figured that it could only be quieter than the day before.  Once we stepped outside, we realized that this was basically the truth and began to wonder if coming all the way over here was worth it at all.  *Chirp Chirp*

Though this was the old town, we learned that everyone here commutes for work and that people don’t actually live here.  This is what makes weekends around here so still, but we had heard of a Sunday market worth checkimg out.  We were amazed when we got there, surely everyone in town was gathered here!  It covered the streets of many city blocks, and we took our time perusing the treasures.  Parker was keen on a set of whale vertebrate, but in the end figured there would be some logistical issues associated with them.  We pause to eat the most meatless street food ever and then walk over to the core where they were selling produce and such.

From this den of crap mongers, we walked over to the more modern part of the city built up along the shore.  We paused to eat some lunch near the beach and then walk around some grassy slopes.  The view was nice from atop one of the hills, though the pictures don’t really show it.

We didn’t do a whole lot more before we needed to head back to the bus station.  Poor planning meant that we had to go back to Colonia to catch our return ferry, which was really just fine.  This bus took way longer than the first one, making our transit to the boat a close call.  We were sweating but made it just fine in the end.  We arrived back to Argentina at close to midnight and passed out, having just completed a wonderful weekend. Clearly, we were having allllll the fun.


3 thoughts on “Uruguay Bro Weekend

  1. Ocean front in Colonia and Montevido? Sorry mate, you should say RIVER front, The ocean front starts in Punta del Este. Rio de la Plata, means RIVER of Silver.

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