Amsterdam To Argentina

The next while would be spent on two very long flights across three continents.  The first leg took me from Europe, across the Atlantic and back home briefly.  I watched a full five movies during this flight, really getting my money’s worth.  The Great Gatsby was excellent, Pacific Rim was fantastically bad, After Earth was alright, Superman was meh, White House Down was entertaining, and Jobs was informative.

I arrived to Houston International where I had to go through immigration and get excited about another seven hours of sitting around.  On my immigration form I wrote in all 24.5 countries that I had visited since my departure three months prior.  Of course I would.  While waiting at the airport I also got myself the finest of American cuisine.

At last it came time for my second flight, this one also 10+ hours.  I watched another movie that I can’t remember and slept the rest of the way.  I awoke to the pressure changes as we started our descent and began getting excited about this strange, new land.  I had been to Equador many years prior, but not as a tourist, so this was going to be a new adventure.  As a bonus, and also much the reason for coming here, I would be able to visit with Parker for the first time in quite a while.  I just had to find him…

I’d also like to mention just how much I loved having my rail pass.  For three months I was able rock around and see Europe however I wanted.  It granted me freedom, flexibility and greatly enhanced this adventure.  It wasn’t free of course, but it may have been the most worthwhile investment I’ve ever made.


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