Frankfurter Zwei

In addition to my day trips, there was a little excitement to be had around Frankfurt.  I spent one entire day lounging about the suite as my dad busied himself with such menial tasks as ‘meetings’ and ‘work’.  I took the opportunity to launder my clothes in the shower, write, and formulate some of my upcoming plans.  As I walked around I found this building, so I took a picture.  Don’t ask me what it is though.


I had another highlight in the form of my birthday, which I was fortunate to have fall within the four days I was there.  We had no grand plans in mind, but I arrived back from Cologne to meet up and go for dinner.

Neither of us were really sure where to go, but we wandered down a street filled with all sorts of ethnic cuisines.  In the end though, we opted for an Irish pub to get some burgers.  Throughout this trip, my strict budget hasn’t really let me eat anything but new foods.  Problem with this is that to go months on end without the old favorites is like deprivation.  The meal was immensely satisfying and really filled a hole.

The other thing that we tried to fit into the evening was a football match between the local team and some other one.  We hadn’t really made any plans for this, and the match was already half done by the time we arrived, but we thought that it merited checking out.

We went to the gate and tried to buy tickets, but that didn’t work.  I asked a few belligerent enthusiasts for some, but that didn’t really work out either.  They went ‘searching’ and never came back.  We went home empty handed, but still having had a great night.  It was already late though, so I opened a few very cool presents and went to bed.


We also said goodbye before bed, since the following morning ol’ daddio would be catching an early flight onward.  I meanwhile intended to enjoy some sleep and another trip through their glorious breakfast buffet.  Neither disappointed.  After a bit more packing I too was on my way.

Frankfort represented less a tourist stop and much more a chance to regroup and unwind with another familiar face.  Meeting temporal strangers time after time is taxing, so not having to make a fruitless effort at conversation was great.

One of the birthday gifts to myself was going to the supermarket and just grabbing a plethora of German beers to sample throughout my stay.  This was about half of them.



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