Heidelburg Day Trip

Frankfurt isn’t really a city known for its touristic offerings, but rather its skyline and big airport.  If I was going to be staying there for four nights, the last thing that I would want to do is sit there for the duration.  One great thing as a tourist was the relative proximity to some other nice towns, and on this day I was going to take advantage of one of them.

My time working in a print shop meant that I knew something about the town’s industry, but that was honestly about it.  I also had a friend or two from here so I was keen to at least see it. It was only an hour away by train, and despite my later departure I felt like I was able to get there with time enough to enjoy it.

I took the tram over to the old town, which was filled with nice houses, plenty of tourists and a good looking castle.  The castle seemed to be the biggest touristic draw around. Not wanting to miss out, I walked the steep path to the top.  An entrance ticket would include the cost of taking the tram up and down, but the lines of lazy tourists waiting made it an easy decision to walk.  It was steep though.

I paid the fee and walked around a bit. This castle was an odd pink shade and impressively large. They had some random pharmacology exhibit somewhere on the grounds, but I couldn’t find it. I had certainly not come for that anyway, so I wasn’t bothered by missing it.


The castle afforded an incredible out over the old town and mountains. I paused briefly to enjoy that before walking back down the hill.

The town itself was nice, but not unlike some of the others I had seen already. There were a lot of tourists shopping, eating and such, but I was content with just my walking. I did stop at a church, which was a bit more interesting because it was converted from a Catholic into a Protestant church some time ago. The architecture was one thing, but the function was another.


My stroll took me across the main bridge and up along the Philosopher’s Path. This narrow walkway offers a nice view from the other side of the valley of the castle and everything else. I intend never to be one of the many hefty people I saw huffing and gasping as the walk along it, nor will I let my girth block others from using the path. Good luck getting a wide load through here.


It wasn’t long before I needed to get myself back to Frankfurt, so I walked and trammed to the station and was off. I only desired to see something nice and new, so I would have to call this outing a success.


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