Frankfurter Eins

The train down to Frankfurt took about 3 hours longer than expected, clocking in at about 15 total.  This had to be the slowest night train I’ve ever been on, and again, not impressed with the German Engineering.  I guess that it didn’t really matter though, since I was going to be meeting my dad around noon, so showing up at 6am had no incentive.  Once I did finally get there though, I just went and chilled out at a nearby hostel.  Nice view from the balcony.


Around the time that dad was going to be showing up, I took the few minute walk over to what could very well be the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in.  With my dilapidated boat shoes, scruffy face, and outwardly dirty appearance, I got more than a few looks from the people working there.  They knew that I wasn’t one of them.  Once the two of us reconnected, it was up to our suite where I hopped in the shower and changed into a fresh new wardrobe.  I emerged back down in the lobby as a new man, and those top hatted folks down there looked at me like Cinderella at the ball.  This photo was taken at night, just in case that was drawing any suspicions.


Once we both caught up with life, the two of us went over to grab some food, my first meal of the day.  There was a pedestrian street not far from there where the concierge suggested that we could find something good.  We walked around a bit and eventually just sat down where we knew they served beer and had a look at the menu.  In the end we just got some Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup and then I caught a brat from a stand on the way out.


That evening we went for a walk through Frankfurt’s old town and along the river.  This old town has the most traditional look of any I’ve seen in this country, thought it was really small and didn’t really exist beyond the little circle.  Certainly a nice place to pause and soak in all in.  These buildings stand in stark contrast to the skyscrapers off to the side.


From there we walked across the bridge to the other side of the river which has an area of town famous for apple wine.  This is one of Frankfurt’s specialties, and though we thought it would be more like a cider, it was passable.  One of those other Germanic dishes that I wanted to try out there was schnitzel, so we split a plate of one of that as well.


Finally, in the evening we returned to the hotel to chat with a few members of his crew.  This was the first night that everyone was arriving into town, so I guess that everyone seeing each for the first time in a while was reason enough to hang out.  I had a nice time chatting with a number of them, generally about what I was doing there and the nature of my trip.  Most of them could relate to what I was doing to some degree because travel has long been a part of their job, or otherwise a hobby that that led them to it.  One or two of the guys expressed a bit of regret for not taking the time to do a big trip like this, so that gave some encouragement that I was at least doing the right thing.

They were all actually there to do work, so as the time marched on many of them retired to bed.  We were some of the last to go but alas, it was time.  Day one in Frankfurt had been a good time and lived up to whatever expectations I had had of it.


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