Crazy Train Eastward

I had been doing a lot of cities lately, so I was very much in need a break out in the country side.  There was a place out in the small town of Zdiar that was highly recommended, so just took their advice.

Getting there required taking a train to Poprad, which was fine, but being a Friday I needed to share it with all the students going home for the weekend.  Bratislava’s geographic location means that everyone going home needs to be on this one train going east.  I’ve never seen a standard passenger train so crowded.


I’m chronically late to trains, but this time I was 20 minutes early and was still without a prayer of even seeing the seats.  With more and more people trying to cram on, I wound up in the bathroom with a few others.  This is another of those travel photos that just genuinely makes me laugh.


The extra time required to cram all these people in had us running about thirty minutes behind schedule.  I didn’t really mind this until I realized it caused me to miss my connecting bus.  Being late in the evening, I had to wait 3 hours for the next one to come which was less than ideal.  I did bump into a couple others going to the hostel, which made navigating there in the dark easier than it would have been.  Still, it was oh so cold.

Had to laugh at this.



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