Bled Out[ting]

From Ljubljiana, I took a trip up to the north of the country to the town of Bled.  This smaller town exists in the foothills of the alps and is famous for a the beautiful view of a castle, lake, and church.  I peeked at some pictures online and figured that while touristy it would offer one of those quintessential European views.  I also spotted the car of my dreams.


My train got me close, and then I needed to hop a bus to take me the rest of the way.  I was dropped off right in the center of the village where I saw a few other tourists coming and going to the multitude of hotels located around here.  There were several things one could do here, but honestly I was only around to walk about and see the view before I would turn around and see head back to my base.  The view from below of the castle overlooking the lake was bueno.


The trek up didn’t take very long, and after paying an outlandish eight euros to get in the castle I decided to take my time and enjoy it.  There was a museum hardly worth the time of day that I humored just because it was included in the cost of admission.  The main treat was the view, of course.  The church on the island was unique, and I can imagine that on a blue sky day the turquoise waters would light right up.  I took about two hours here to enjoy the view and catch up with life.  For some reason the castle was equipped with free WiFi…


As the sky was beginning to darken, I returned back down and went to the bus station, which took me to the train station, which brought me back to Ljubljana.  These were the boats one could take to the island.


That night I had another dinner with Cyprian to look forward to.  For this meal, he made a quiche and salad, while I provided some red wine.  His contribution tasted great and we talked for another while, till it was time to sleep.



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