Italy to Greece: An Adriatic Adventure

From Rimini I had to rise a bit early to leave myself with enough time to eat a free breakfast, return a shoddy outlet adapter, buy some food and finally get myself down to Ancona for my ferry to Patras.  For you geographically challenged individuals, I’ve included a route map.
On the way I met a nice guy from the Netherlands named Tobias, also going for his summer holidays.  The mode of transport was the largest boat that I’ve ever ridden, but before getting on, we hunted down a supermarket to top off our food supplies.  I was also able to track down a USB charger for all my devices.  Back at port we took the elevator up to the 10th floor and made ourselves comfortable for the 22 hour passage.  Not a particularly well framed photo, but it is indeed a large boat.
I chatted a bit with Tobias while some of the others swam in a pool and made merry with food and drinks.  I had not the room in my budget to buy anything, since the cost of my ‘free deck passage’ was anything but after the fuel, high season, and port surcharges were slapped on.  There was no better way down there, so I of course paid it.  After I took a much needed nap, we passed our time by juggling and also playing a little cribbage.  I had to teach him off course, but this was so much easier than times when I had attempted to do so in Japanese.
One of the nice sights that I was looking forward to was the sunset, and it did not disappoint.  I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed two consecutive sunsets, and this was complemented by the ship exhaust!
Everyone went to sleep fairly early, and I was one of the last to turn in.  I was tasked with a fair bit of blog catch up and this was a great chance to do it.  There’s certainly nothing better to be doing since there was no view out to miss out on.  This was the scene just before I passed out on one of the hard plastic benches in the foreground.
I woke the next morning just in time to see the sun peeking up over the now visible mountains.  A few hours more and I was docking in the 8th country of my grand euro adventure. Chuurrrn baby, churn…


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