Switzerland to Italy – It’s Lots and Lots of Trains!!!

Arriving back from Innsbruck to Chur, I went right to my host’s apartment in the center of old town.  His name was Florian and he lived with his girlfriend.  She was wonderful though.  She cooked a great dinner, did my laundry, and also sent me out the door with some sandwiches.  The dinner was Thai, though she admitted she had never been and didn’t know how authentic it was. I insisted it was fantastic.


Together we talked of all sorts of things and it was a lot of fun.  He was training to become a pilot and she was doing hospitality management.  Based on the gift that both she and my mother share, I assume she is doing very well with that course.  We turned in at about eleven and they inflated a giant mattress for me.  I slept well enough, but every tone I moved out made all sorts of plasticy noise.


After converting my heartfelt appreciation, I ran off to the station to catch my train south.  This was called the Bernina Express and is largely aimed at tourists.  Out snakes through the alps into Italy. The whole route is a UNESCO site and the views from the train were spectacular. There were even some snowcapped peaks.  May have been the first glaciers I’ve seen too.


We stopped at point to take pictures and stretch our legs.  Throughout the ride there was a really nice guy from the French half of Switzerland that had a number of interesting things to say.  He also shared some advice for places to go.  The alps were really beautiful!


This scenic train brought me to an Italian border town, and groom there I transferred to Milan.  I only passed through here though.  On this next train I met some other travelers.  I had no place to sleep planned, and they did, so I tagged along.  So in the Italian town on Ventimiglia, we slept in a campsite on a tent pitch.  Funny thing was that we had no tent, so we just looked liked hobos.  My only source of warmth was the airplane blanket I nabbed from the flight over…


The one highlight of the night was getting my first pizza, ham and cheese. It was of course delicious.  They don’t cut them here for you though. The next day was gonna be a new country, so I had to get some sleep, if possible.



One thought on “Switzerland to Italy – It’s Lots and Lots of Trains!!!

  1. Looks like fun, well parts of it. Not so much sleeping on the ground, with just an airline blanket. Meeting new friends and such, would be good. And you are right, your mom does have the gift, which she is finally embracing.

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