DANCE BATTLE! 日本対中国 – Japan vs. China

A little while ago, the woman that I teach for occasionally, and who takes me for dinner invited myself and a few other JETs to a dance performance she had tickets for.  It ended up being me with a few friends heading into town.  When I initially accepted my invitation, I was thinking it was some school activity that would involve unskilled students dancing more to appease parents than to draw high marks for their talents.  On the way there, it was explained as a dance battle, between China and Japan.  The car ride was filled with the expected commentary of “it’s on” “and “~~ got served” but I still wasn’t what to expect, just that I was looking forward to it now.

Here are the 3 teachers who went.

When we got there, it was clear that it was something significant, as it as being held in a very nice theater/auditorium setting, with a high production value.  We grabbed out seats as it was starting, and it was right away pretty cool.  I don’t have any pictures as cameras were not permitted, though I was able to snag a low quality video of a guest artist.  All in all, it was two teams that were just alternating their showboating to the crowd with different people focusing on different styles of dance.  It was overall extremely impressive what they could do.

Then each team also had a guest musical artist.  Team China had some woman who played some traditional instruments, they had a very beautiful sound.  Team Japan presented a beatboxer, which was on the other end of the spectrum, though still really entertaining.  For those unaware of beatboxing, refer the the video I took below…

In the end, Japan ‘won’ the event, though it was clear to me that it was more of a show that an competition.

One nice takeaway from the event was listening to team China try to introduce themselves to the crowd in Japanese.  This was amusing to me, because I could completely relate to it.  It was great to see people who don’t speak English trying to do what I do in Japanese.  After the event we filtered into the hall.  There was a group of Thomas’ student there all dressed in flatbrims and a cookie cutter style.  It was really amusing.


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