School Life Episode 2

Today at School:

At lunch it is expected that you eat all of your food.  Some kids are slower than others, which is fine. But, there was one kid going mega slow, clearly not enjoying the fact that he was eating.   People were just gathering around him while he are, being by far the last to finish.  Eventually he started to cry a little and it was only then that he was permitted to not eat the food.  Crazy.  Things aren’t usually very forced, he was probably sick today or something.

Also, during cleaning time, I was in the science room doing some sweeping.  And there were two girls in the room as well.  At the end of the cleaning time, a girl was hustling back to the broom closet in the room.  As she was doing this, I saw her bump an aquarium filled with water with the end of the broom.  Shattered, the water poured everywhere.  In seconds about 15 students came from nowhere and mobilized.  It was pretty cool so see them working together like that, but it was way cooler to watch the water go everywhere.

Also, today I joined the gym class.  It was super awesome.  The girls and guys are separated into girl and guy activities, which I thought was a throwback to the past.  The girls did somersaults and a choreographed routine while the guys did Judo.  Judo is an awesome alternative to anything I ever did in gym class.  We mostly practiced pinning people and trying to break free.  Being a strength based activity, I dominated, but it was still really cool.  Several of the positions had faces far closer to the waist area than any American students would put up with.  Anyway, it was cool.  I’ll definitely plan on joining them more in the future.

Also, here is a picture containing the ENTIRETY of one of my elementary schools, as well as their signature playground toys…


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